Ketchum, Idaho

Sounds like "ketchup"
she told me
That's my Mom there
in the window of Wal?Bee's salon

When I grow up I will look like her
my hair will be wavy
and it will
And I will show off my face to everybody
in Boise and then in Seattle

I will have eyebrows like my Mom she said
and I will

Two black lines like the roads
that fly me away East and West of her

I can draw them on when I want
and I will she said Yes

And my mother's mouth
that I will kiss you with
You'll see she said
I will

You will?


If that is true I told her

standing in the shade over
the rippled pavement
a sidewalk given up
to the effort
of growing old in a town
far, far from Hollywood

If that is true my Dear
then in eleven more years
you will be a star

Yes she said
Yes I will

Then pencil me in I said

And she arched her baby eyebrows
flipped her soft dolls-hair
and she smiled
a smile
made of silver light

Yes yes I will yes

JD Frey--July 23, 1997


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