I am convinced

like my son is
when jellybeans
appear in the living room

that there will always be
little gifts
left our for us
for little or no reasons

sometimes right
out in the open
like the two cartons of dog
biscuits left behind
in the warehouse parking lot

sometimes hiding
behind a strange sign
like “canned goods clearance”
or “service road”

and, once in a awhile,
given right out in the open
in front of your entire
political science class
as with my professor's
announcement that the final exam
was cancelled
due to printing problems
and that we would all get A's
after I had spent
the entire night before
judiciously not studying

or, even better,
when you were at work
on a phone call
and you looked out the window
to see two ducks
mister and missus
standing on the ledge in the chill
tapping the glass with their noses

ready to come inside
where they could warm themselves
and tell you
their difficult, but in the end
rather funny tale

JD Frey -- May 2, 2005


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