In which you are standing at the sink
Trying to douse a fire
Of flaming broccoli

As I stand by
Not helping, just observing, a small smile on my lips

If there's an answer, a meaning
To this dream
(and I sort of hope there isn't, though I will venture to guess anyway)
Then I don't think it means that
Your head or my head is on fire

Broccoli comes in bunches
Not heads
That's cabbage that you're thinking of

Nor do I think broccoli is meant
To represent wealth
As it is a common vegetable

It isn't necessarily nature
Or the urge to a more natural existence
Not healthy eating
Nor a rebuke of Republican presidents

It can't stand in for any of those things
Not even for the part of me that is shaped
Sort of like broccoli
The part of me people comment on only
After they have known me
A good, long time

What I really prefer to choose,
If this nighttime visitation
Has any meaning at all,
Is this:

You are to stand for you
I am to stand for I
And the broccoli, well

That's supposed to stand for something
That's not supposed to
Catch fire

You are fighting an impossible blaze
And I am stuck watching

Awestruck at the sight
Of the gorgeous smokeless
Green flames

JD Frey--January 16, 2004


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